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5 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Your kitchen is the centre of your home, and it gets a lot of use. It’s where you cook, eat, laugh, and socialize. Because of this, it’s the space you would like to show off the most, yet the part of your home that gets messy and cluttered the easiest.

So how do we solve this revolving conundrum in your kitchen?

Our solution is easy (and maybe even slightly predictable) – storage. Take a look at your space, split it into work zones and then evaluate the efficiency of each zone and how it could work better in the flow of your kitchen. Then start with the largest sections and continue moving your way from one end to another. 

Here are a few ideas on how to reorganize various areas of your kitchen to make them more accessible and user-friendly for the whole family!

Pullout Drawers

These are great to put in any pantry or base cabinet. It makes it easy to access items like cutlery, pots and pans, and Tupperware without losing them in the back of a cabinet. We can work with you to create drawers in custom sizes so that you can assign each one and organize your kitchen items accordingly.

Drawer Organizers

These are the best way to prevent clutter from piling up, while keeping items in their assigned locations. We are happy to supply custom organizers for cutlery, utensils, spices, pots and pans, and dishes that are made to fit in your drawers seamlessly. 

Pull Out Trash

Creating a custom trash pull out can help you organize garbage, recycling, and compost in a place where it’s best utilized – in the cleanup zone. It’s an all in one drawer that hides all of those stinky unappealing items from the naked eye, but also makes them very easy to access on the fly.

Under Sink Storage

This area tends to become a black hole for cleaning supplies. Plus, it can be a challenge to strategically fit everything in and around the plumbing. We can create a more efficient solution for you that fits in and around the pipes and makes the best use of the space you’ve got. 

Corner Storage

These cabinets can sometimes be a bit tricky to access. There are now a variety of accessories for corner cabinets (besides the traditional lazy Susan) that can slide in and out, and be custom fit for your corner space. Making use of every nook and cranny your kitchen offers.

Do you have any kitchen storage tricks that you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below.  

If you believe that your kitchen has too many tools and gadgets as it is, our kitchen organizers and storage items may come in handy.

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